Template Searches

Finding the template search that you want

The list of template searches is long. To help you find the search that you want you can filter the list using either keywords or data categories:


Can’t find what you want - please ask

If you can’t find a template search that you want or if there is one available but it doesn’t quite return everything you are after please Contact Us. Template searches can be created or modified and made available to you immediately, providing the data is available in the database. Use the Contact us form found on every InterMine page or email us at support@flymine.org.

How do I run a template search with one of my lists or a public list?

First, remember to log-in so that your own lists can be viewed. Every template can be run on relevant Lists of objects - if you have lists of the correct type (e.g. a list of genes) or if there is a suitable public list, you will be able to select the one you require from a drop-down list. You need to select the checkbox to access this.


Understanding your results

Your template will return a results tables. As well as displaying your results, the results tables are a powerful analysis tool as well. See the Results Tables for more details and for information on how to save or download your results.


My template returns no results - why?

All templates should return results with the default values provided (please Contact Us if you find one that doesn’t). If you have provided your own values, in most cases it will mean we don’t have the data you are looking for. In some cases, however, particularly for more complicated searches with optional constraints, it may be because of the way the search is constructed - some of the required data may be there but not all of it, resulting in no results. If you have activated multiple optional constraints, it is often a good idea to turn these on individually to see if one in particular is causing the problem. By default adding a constraint means that the data MUST satisfy that constraint for the search to return results - see Outer joins for more details. Please Contact Us if you require further assistance.