What is MyMine?

MyMine is your personal InterMine account where you can manage your lists, queries, templates etc, share your lists with other users and create favourite templates and lists. You need to create a different account for each InterMine database you use. You can access your MyMine account from the main tabs. The MyMine tab then has a series of subtabs for managing lists, templates, queries and your account details etc:


How do I create an account?

Create an account through the Log in link:


NOTE - any information saved in your account is private. It will not be accessible by other users and we will not inspect your saved data beyond automatic performance optimisation and updates.


The lists tab provides details of all the lists you have made. If you have lists that need upgrading, these will be shown first. Lists may need upgrading if some of the identifiers have become outdated between InterMine data releases. To upgrade a list click on the green arrow, this will take you to The Identifier Resolution page.


Lists are shown in alphabetical order and options are available to rename, mark as favourites, copy, delete and carry out set operations. .. image:: ../_images/myminelists.png


This tab displays any searches you have run during the current session. These are not saved permanently, but the history provides an option to permanently save a query - these will then be shown in the Queries tab of your MyMine account.



Any queries you run or create can be saved permanently to your MyMine account. Queries can be saved from your History or from the query builder (see Saving and exporting your query).


Any template searches you create yourself will be stored permanently here, with options to run, edit and export (as xml) as well as delete if the search is no longer required. Any query created using the query builder can be saved as a template as long as it has at least one constraint (see Building your own template search). You can also import template searches from xml - this is a useful way to share a template search you have created with colleagues. Template searches that you create yourself or share with colleagues are not made public. Templates that you have created yourself also appear under the main templates tab and are highlighted to indicate that they are your own rather than public templates (see Building your own template search).


You can change your password here.

Account Details

The account details tab allows you set various aspects of your account as follows:

Inform me by email of newly shared lists: Do you want to receive an email if someone shares a list with you? (see How do I share a list with a colleague? for more details about list sharing).

Allow other users to share lists with me without confirmation: Do you want users to be able to share lists with you without asking first?

Display name: Set the name displayed in your InterMine interface.

Your preferred email address: Set the email address you prefer to use for correspondence - for example if someone shares a list with you. This could be different to the email you use to login to your account.

The URL of your preferred Galaxy instance: Results can be exported to Galaxy (see Send results to galaxy). By default the main galaxy server is set, however if you routinely use another galaxy instance you can set this to be the default here.

API access key:

API keys are used to access the features of the InterMine API without having to use your username or password.

Are my lists and searches stored permanently?

Yes. When you have a MyMine account any lists or queries you save are stored permanently.

What happens to my lists and queries when you make a new database release?

All lists and queries are transferred to the new database release. Sometimes identifiers in lists become outdated and you will be asked to update your list (see I am being told to upgrade my lists - what does this mean?). Occasionally we have to make changes to the underlying data model which make affect any queries you have saved. Please contact the relevant InterMine (Contact Us) if you would like any further information or help about such a query.